Understanding and handling people.

The art of handling people just like the art of handling your life isn’t that easy. It takes time, practice and a lot of reliability on your brain. The number one thing that I hate is when people use the term mind in order to justify certain outcomes of life rather than owning up-to the patterns that lead them to those outcomes. You had a fight, she said to you something like the cavemen that you’re and half man instincts of the prick that makes you think to overpower the next person you do something that you think is logical, beat the crap out of her. But in reality if the same man is placed in a situation with other man above the size of his own, far superior and powerful the man just does one thing. He collapses faster than the speed of light.

The art of handling people is something that i learned after decades of stubbornness that i had, in order to understand who they’re you need to be as observant as Sherlock himself. There are a few categories that I divide people in. This given with a basic understanding of mathematics can give you the answer that you’re looking for. Now remember as I told you, lines like “heart wants what the heart wants. My mind isn’t right. I love the person(male,female, optional. I don’t judge.)” is as full of shit as the loo in general compartments of the Indian Railways. In reality we all are logical beings, and being illogical isn’t our domain, so even when the ideas of she is by my side and i’ll be at her side, or he’s my friend he didn’t meant to insult me, it was for the better good of me. Again…. toilet metaphor.

Dividing people, ah the Brits loved it. They blame Hitler for this but in reality, divide is all they did. Anyway, apart from speaking about scumbags in the world, let’s start speaking about scumbags in your life. In general I divide people on the basis of looks, intellect, self worth, generosity and emotional maturity. They all combine to form a social group that people calls friendship, my idea of friendship is way to vast to be covered in this, if you follow me whenever i’ll post you’ll see it.

In order to simply make you understand, there are going to be variations, and just like the god that you think bought you to existence, you’re capable of assigning these values.

Let’s talk about person C. Person C is high in looks, above than average in intellect. This two when are high give them the need to be higher in self-worth sometimes to levels that their emotional maturity is compromised and the generosity goes down to the ground, because the self worth is colludes them to feel that they’re in demand, it makes them feel immortal and the sense that they will always be in demand makes them think that their emotional maturity is good as well. When in reality they’re nothing near. These particular types wants to play mind games, they love to understand others only to feel better about themselves. They’ll be available with time, when they think they can allow someone, trying to be the master of their lives.

How to tackle C

Don’t because you can’t. You can never make them feel bad as the skin by the thoughts of immortality and constant adores that they’ve makes them think that they’re better. Never show any compassion towards them, or show anything remote to love. Now if you’re in a situation where you want them to leave, show them care, tenderness, love, compassion and make every crap out of the playbook in front of them. High self worth often makes them realize that they don’t need anyone and fall for the trap of gone. Never expect anything from them.

Let’s now talk about person H. Person H is high in looks, high intellect as a result higher in self worth, low on generosity and high on emotional maturity. This person is what people call the man of the hour, the alpha. The person is nothing but someone that traps others. The countless number of encounters boost the self worth to an extent that it becomes ego. Ideas of self worth is more, sense of capability makes the person his/her worst enemy. In reality the extent goes to an extent that the person thinks he’s capable of accomplishing anything. The sense goes to an extent that these people become a problem of their own. They live they die, thinking that they’re something. They’re nothing. They’re like this palace of cards, since every single aspect of the life is dependent on the other one all related to them since generosity is missing.

How to tackle H

Let them be them, make them have the ego that they love so much, infact boost it. Make them feel that they’re nothing short of god. They’re the ones that makes the world a better place. Do everything that they think they deserve and leave them instantly. In an instant, not step by step but instantly. The reason is they’re a castle of cards, they’ll fell as instant as you left. I know breaking people shouldn’t be right, but i don’t like people with the tendency to bully.

Let’s talk about U. Let’s talk about U, medium to low on looks, absolute brilliant. Highly generous, high on emotional maturity. Only problem, low on looks made the childhood difficult as everyone likes when kids are cute leading to a sense of neediness and fluctuating self worth. Problem occurs when they have a influential partner or friend, the lack of self worth makes them think everyone is either way too wrong or way too right. But the need to keep on getting the validation from other make them think that they are in constant need to get things done.

How to tackle U

Make them your friend and make them realize that some how how wrong they’re with the perception on life. Boost their ego, and keep on making them think less about them and more about the problems that they can solve. Fluctuating self worth is highly proportional to fluctuating emotional maturity. If they’re under the grasp of someone, be there but never tell them about their foolishness. They’re going to make you feel you awful.

Let’s shift to T. Average looks, average intellect, high self worth, low on generosity, high on emotional maturity. I had a friend like that in high school, they’re the most laughable stock among all, these people are people that think they’re outplaying you on everything. They thrive to be the best, they want to be the best. They think that life is as simple as a bunch of steps(1,2,3,4….) you’re the best. These are the one’s that get friend zone. But the need to try so hard makes them thing that with a slight change in patterns, or reading a bunch of quotes or doing something they learnt on a few articles from not that very good sources, will make them better at anything.

How to tackle T

Make a bitch out of T, T wants to make you a bitch believe it or not because constant changes made T unstable to accept the reality of T so T will keep on wanting to be the best by becoming mediocre and high self worth will lead T to one day have a mid life crisis so hard about the facade he built over time. He will probably commit suicide, or make a fool out of himself. At this point, make a bitch out of T.

So what about I, I got high looks, high intellect, average or slight above average self worth, mid generosity and emotional maturity is good enough to not be a male/female equivalent of a bimbo(yes i classify emotional maturity for classification of a bimbo, because have seen enough highly intellectual people getting preyed on because of low emotional maturity. For example “I hope you won’t share these anywhere and delete them. I hope you’re not recording. Okay I’ll do it for you my love, here’s the money. Okay I’ll do a recharge.”). Now these people are like unicorn, hard to believe that they do exist, but you pray they do exist. Fortunately, after the invention of internet they’re shown to be all over the world. They’re the hope for humanity. They know that they have good looks and good intellect. But they rather be having an average self worth. They’re generous depending on who you’re. As good as they’re, the need to deal with them is also of that high need.

How to tackle I

Never get attached until and unless you know them properly. They’re true gems, a H could be in disguise too. They’re too good to be true. Hard to find. But the high in demand characteristics makes the need to know them or be with them highly in probable. So if in case you like/love someone like that, immediately with the first instance run away. The expectation will become so high that you won’t want anyone else. They’re basically like a weed smoker shifting to cocaine. Dopamine is so high, that you’ll shine like a diamond in the sky. And these are the people that we all hope to be with, we all want to be with. But luck will presumably play a factor and constant misfortunes will happen as you’ve used all of your fortune to have them.

YA(you all ) I is like the ray of light falling and bouncing with warmth, happiness and cheeriness to make your life amazing. If you read it and you felt something you’re full of crap, didn’t i told you in the very first line that there’s nothing like love. Idiots, still thinking the mind wants what the mind wants. YA is also a type that i don’t have adequate data on. Hard to understand and classify.

Anyway that was all combined my model of people and how to to handle them, as the best articles on medium combines of Final words to remember the whole message.

So people can be classified in this pattern.

C . H . U . T . I . YA

Thank you for reading.



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