Just thoughts 💭

Take a moment to realise, notice the world by your side. How long before it happened so, apart from cigarette smoke you enjoyed nature’s petrichor. How long ago did we got this life, do we remember the best of time we spent all this while. Sex is good, intimacy is better. Death is truth life is present. Why to think of those who left, why to think of those who’ll come. Is a few rubs, kisses and achievements of love is need to survive? When the need of someone was an end, is love all that will keep our mind fine. We’re taught to be mature we’re taught to behave well, as if we’re not god’s but some presidents child. I want to think beyond causes I want to think just to think, I want to achieve what I need not what I want, for my want is today this Tomorrow that, my life is fine but I would rather have it simplified. I want to love without boundaries, I want to care without holding positions. I want to cry when sorrows are dealt I want to fight when injustice upheld.

I want to talk when I feel alone, and give the one’s who requires the hugs of welcome. I don’t want to be someone’s something, I don’t believe in writings. Because the one’s who talk about peace, are still fighting. I hate the ways the world think, to put sex in relation to understand intimacy. It’s easy to open clothes and be naked, to touch and make her desire you in moment for more. When the moment is gone you’re a liability, the pleasure you had is past what about your minds stability. We call people with names that he’s a dick and she’s a cunt, yet value yours the most my lord my case adjourned. My life is simple and my mind is complicated, I ask questions that makes me think if I am sophisticated.

Why do we stop children from being who they’re, you’re making them go to tuitions, what one achieved when imposed with laws, crime prevention or animality problems? We want them to be trained to have there better be better, why we have this whole life one formula suffer now and live later? Because do you know if tomorrow will come, okay lemme ask you are you god? Today the olds love you, lemme tell you why, they’ve no one to share the last breath of sigh.

Wake up next to people you love, live a life of possibilities there’s a reason why you fought from those million sperms. Is that you want to live in this life of misery and gutter, do you want to just keep your minds on nothing but bread and butter? Or is life something more you tell me now, or it’s all these stuff we read is a wastage of ink and paper. We’ve destroyed the planet we’ve destroyed our lives, my urge to you make this chance that we’ve worth something more than just fine.



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