Just Thoughts

From smoking cigarettes, to drinking booze or getting high. What’s that one thing that makes you feel as if you’re living as if there’s something more than what life has to offer. There might be someone you love, family. What keeps you up at night whether it’s lost love, a road not taken or the problems that we’ve. Life as it was is simple you breathe, you walk, you earn money and buy some stuff. Something that makes you happy, something that makes you think to go to work again. Again on this Sunday morning, binge watching a series that you like, living with the characters, or for some just spending some time with the one’s that you think are just meant for you. We all do that, we all love that, don’t we?

Life has it’s meaning to some they say it doesn’t have a meaning. We all live under the shadow of the lords that we think are there, some of us goes to church and some of us leave it all out for the god to come to us. Between all this praying, drinking, smoking, fucking an idiot like me takes his laptop, hiding from the world outside, pretending to be his own master smoking the cigarette i bought from my own money and thinking where is the fact that we’re living. Where’s life in the endless tasks that we’ve. I need to play hard to get the woman i like as if it was some underlying responsibility of mine to find her and after finding her, to be accepted by her. To make her feel that I am there for her, I need to prove my self worth, as if me being there wasn’t enough. Trying to find the life by buying some book, written by some schmuck pretending to have met the billionaire who thinks he has it all.

Going on social media to dim the light from the fact of boredom, and scroll down to see random faces, once i haven’t met and will not probably in my entire life, struck there waiting for the approval that i have, by pressing a button i declare them to be beautiful. As if it’s needed at all. Dancing of man woman and children, or genders being added based on the sexual activity one prefer to do, and stereotyping the whole response to a community is by stereotyping their behavior and making a fuss about it. We stare at random faces, ogle at their profiles. Yet tell me the last time you we have a good look at someone sitting next to us.

We try to worship animals, yet we’ve no problem in shedding blood of someone of our own kind. We’ve a million things to divide, we’ve a billion things to question and a trillion things to conquer. Yet not a single thing to unite. Inventions were made to make our life simpler, you like someone sitting on one end of the world. Call them. You want to have a look at yourself mirror done. As simple as that, but we mess it up. We do it intentionally, we do it unknowingly at times but one way or the other we do it . You were supposed to look at your own image to see how you look, we made it the eyes of the public. The phone was to talk, to contact and connect with the one’s you want, now it’s about getting data about them. As if it’s not to get them but to conquer. One would rather have a million pics of them in fancy than a few in real. Art was supposed to be for us. We’re to be connected not to be parted.

Next time you pass by a flower or look at the birds or call someone you love, know how you feel, fix the mistakes you did in your past, what was done is sealed. Why to waste our limited time, on things that aren’t meant to be. Look at the prospects and think how you feel with anyone you’re with right now. The world is changing the mood is swinging, the birds are chirping and alas we all are dying. Be who you’re don’t be afraid from the reality. If you think you’re wrong if you think you want to change. First accept your flaws. Problems can’t be solved until they’re accepted as problems. Get some life. We don’t need vacations to go bank denting destination. Just come out of you house and have a good look outside, there’s a lot you’ve missed already. But don’t worry everything’s gonna be fine!

By the way I’ve written this one after a long time. Might be missing the plot, but will try to be good because I can. Believe IT(NARUTO STYLE)



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