Grandi’s series and philosophy.

Now for some of my really avid readers, imagine you like a girl or a guy. You started talking for a while, and you said you like him or her. You ask the person to go out on a date with you, over Instagram dm or whatever social media platform you prefer, the problem is that after asking you had the thought of self-worth and your consciousness bashes you with the reality of how stupid you are. You throw away your phone and sleep tight with clouds of overthinking. The next morning you wake up, you see a notification, there’s a text on your phone from that person, you can’t read it. Now till the time you don’t read the text, in theory you have a 50–50 chance if the person said yes or no, unfortunately, if you’re one of my friends, please keep it hypothetical and don’t indulge in the reality of the situation, data is true but harsh. No matter how daunting that text is then too your chances are 50–50.

This is a modern analogy of Schrodinger's cat experiment but, it’s fine. Now let’s come back to the reality since we know, it’s not going to happen, so basically, you had probably similar to that of a coin toss and desired result favours you. Isn’t this intriguing. In mathematics, we’ve absolute results or do we?

Let’s start with simple stuff let’s say you’ve 10 rupees, sufficient for getting you a small gold flake(cigarette), you gave it to the shop keeper and he passed you a cigarette now being a fellow friend who hasn’t finished his and is greedy to take a few drags from yours I ask you, how much money do you have, you realize none, now let’s consider you are a marwadii having no money scares the shit out of you. You thought why to do this filthy habit, you gave it back to the shopkeeper he gave you 10 Rs back, I again said don’t you want to smoke because i won’t share mine, and like a dumb lamb you gave the money to the shopkeeper he passed you the same cig and now you’ve no money. This process can go on and on and on… of course until i finish mine. But let’s say infinity.

Now consider 1= Have cigarette no money

and -1= no cigarette but money.

so the pattern of this thought experiment would be


I am making you buy one and then return it. But what would be the end output to this whole sequence it could be of course 1 or 0 depends on where i am willing to stop making a fool of you, or where the shopkeeper beats the shit out of you.

Let’s consider the two situations I convince you to buy it and light it up, in this case, the thing is it would be 1. Have a cigarette and no money. But in the other condition where the shopkeeper beats the shit out of you, it would be -1.

so in one condition let’s say in the odd condition it is 1 and in even it is -1. But what is the actual truth?

So in order to find that i say that we find IYHC (if you have a cigarette)? Since it depends on where are you currently so I say we subtract it out, since differences bring out true colours (read that line again)

So IFHC-S ( all the jibber-jabber I made you do)= 1-(1–1+1–1+1….)

That equals to 1–1+1–1+1……… but that is S, the whole thing came back to this again, now since we know that what we will get so, let’s do the whole sequence again…




That means S=1/2 so our chances of having one are what 1/2. Now, this series formed a base for a lot of other amazing series including the well known and became base for modern quantum physics, not a building but a brick. And it is kinda similar to the texting experiment that I suggested based on the Schrodinger cat experiment. Since it means until and unless you don’t turn on your phone your dating chance is 50–50.



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