Fermat’s Equation Break Philosophy

Being in the field of mathematics one can agree that the world of mathematics is more than just simple it’s art, art at it’s finest. The equation are nothing like what we’re taught it took me some time to realise but i realised that mathematics and art in any form are as connected as dance with music. You can do one with the other but if the both of them combine than what you see is something spectacular. So here is the theory behind breaking of the fermat’s equation.

So first for people who don’t know about what is fermat’s equation here is a quick review here it starts.

The equation like this might remind you of something like Pythagoras triplets where if you have the equation like the following.

So over here the equation is as simple as this. Here the equation just tells you a simple thing let there be a right angle triangle then out of the three sides, the sum of (base x base) and (height x height) is equal to (hypotenuse x hypotenuse). Now is it that simple in order to understand this whole equation my dear friends let’s go back to the basics. Basics of life, we’ve been living in this 3d world and in 3d world all we look is 3d what about the 2d world?

Is it just settled to your pen and paper, is there nothing beyond that point, is that the only point that will be remembered. Let’s start with something more than the simple understanding of life as it is. Now in order to understand that, let’s start with pen and paper only. As every idea ever written traveled the same path of 2d imagination.

Now sir over here living in the primitive life, wants to defend himself from other enemies, he had two sticks, which by the power of the lord, that’s me of the 2D world changed him to something more than 2 simple sticks, he wanted to full fledged stick like jackie chan from the drunken master.

Here is how he did it ,

When you put the power 1 in the Fermat's equation , the equations changes itself and start looking something like this.

A+B = C

Yes there are n number of answers for the equation, for example (2,3,5) (4,5,9) (3,3,6) and so on here the first two represent A and B and last is the sum. Now let’s start with something else, now we’re going to talk about a equation that’s well known, now whenever you talk about squaring a number most of us believe ah, a simple multiplication, but my dear friends it’s way bigger than that. Why, simple multiplication could be justified but when talking about a square it means that you’re not just multiplying numbers but it means that you’re taking the side of square and finding it’s area, because are of a square, now you might get why it’s called a square.

Now imagine that you’re in that 3d dimension now imagine that there is a cube, a cube filled with water, just like a water tank on your roof top. Now what you need to understand over here is that

When i say

(AxAxA) + (BxBxB)= (CxCxC)

Thing that i meant is that it’s about the volume of a cube that signifies that volume of two containers on your roof top filled with water might be able to hold another container filled with water here than understand that what we’re trying to do is make those two containers filled with water with another container filled with water.

Now if we go by that equation that clearly can help us realize why fermat’s equation wasn’t a joke, why it isn’t something that a man can’t understand. I think what Sir Fermat’s wanted to convey was that in N-Dimensions by the following equation we’re trying to calculate not just the value of the subjected figure to satisfy it’s volume rather we’re trying to calculate it’s value and how it can satisfy the values indeed. This is something that can make us cringe, something that takes land beneath us being pulled. I was travelling in a train when I realized this could be true this could be false but yes i am ready to jump on the finding that i have over here with my eyes closed. I am just getting a hunch that this might be true.

I am currently working on finding something related tesseract. A tesseract in a cube inside a cube but the dimension of the cube is in 4th dimension. A dimension above us. A dimension that we can just thing of a dimension which i first heard when i was watching doraemon as a kid and doraemon mentions that his pocket is of 4th dimension. 4th dimension. Remember that kid on the internet telling you about it, remember the stories that we saw in kitretsu. Yes finally you might be getting a point, finally you might be able to understand what i am trying to say.

A tesseract

These dots are to be connected. They are all pieces of our reality in the infinite space that aren’t even connected till now. We need to connect these dots and make some meaning of the abstract. This is my view. Please comment your views.

In case if you want to connect my instagram username is greyshades_1798

Thank you for reading this.



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